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Nature, outdoors activities, cuisine... La Gomera has a variety of choices for the tourist. You can also learn a bit more about the culture of La Gomera and it's identity through buildings, galleries, traditional shops and museus. This is a list of the best-known (apart from those included in our Top 10):

Molino de Gofio Los TelaresMolino de Gofio Los Telares

By the main road of Hermigua, scarcely 250 meters away from our Apartments Los Telares. Apart from enjoying the views of the Rocks Pedro and Petra and the waterfall known as El Chorro dropping from the ravine of El Cedro, you can visit the ecologic farm and the restored gofio water mill. The eco-orchard and handicrafts shop is a classic in the guided tours of the island, as it has the largest private antiques collection of the island as well as shops with delicacies and handicrafts from La Gomera.

Address: Hermigua main road, 33 (GM-1 Km. 18). Opening hours: 9:30 - 17:30 h. Sundays closed. (+34) 922 880 727.

Chapel of San Juan in HermiguaSan Juan Chapel

This chappel is in the top of a hill right at the middle of Hermigua valley. The small square is overlooking the whole valley, from the mountains of Enchereda and Garajonay to the beach of Santa Catalina and the old davit. It is also by the beginning of the footpath linking Hermigua with the village of Los Aceviños and Garajonay National Park northern area.

El Convento in HermiguaConvent of Santo Domingo (Dominican Convent)

This convent gives name to the neighbourhood of El Convento and is also the heart of Hermigua village. It is the historic center. Several ancient houses are still up and inhabited, as well as the church, built in a Late Romanic style in the 17th Century. Part of this collection of ancient buildings is our old emblematic manor house Los Telares (access only for guests), where our guests can also enjoy our gardens and swimming-pool.

Museums of La GomeraMuseums of La Gomera

La Gomera has 3 public museums. In Hermigua, the Ethnographic Museum, a small museum with a large collection of antiques show how the ancient gomerans struggled and survived in the rough terrain of the island. Address: Hermigua Main Road, 97, Hermigua. (+34) 922 881 960. Opening hours: Tue to Fri, 10 - 19 h. In San Sebastian are located the other 2 museums, the Gomeran Archeologic Museum and Columbus House.

Las LocerasPottery Center "Las Loceras"

This small gallery was opened by the joint effort of the potters of El Cercado, where most if not all the traditional pottery of the island is made. Here you can see and buy the gomeran traditional pottery, handmade with ancient aborigins techniques without potter's wheel.

Address: Square of El Cercado. Opening hours: from Wednesday to Sunday, 11:00 - 15:00 h. (+34) 922 804 104. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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