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Leisure in La Gomera is open and mostly quiet. Every town and neighborhood has a number of restaurants, terraces and bars where to enjoy the tasty regional cuisine and a friendly chat (mostly in Spanish). This is a list of the best leisure options in Hermigua and around.

molino de gofio telares restaurantMOLINO DE GOFIO LOS TELARES

In our center Molino de Gofio 200 m down the road we have a gourmet shop and terrace where you can enjoy our breakfasts, sandwiches and dishes (also take-away).

Opening hours: 9:30 - 17:30 h.


tasca telemaco hermiguaTASCA TELEMACO

A lovely restaurant divided in 3 ambiences: the terrace, the diner and a great chill-out corner. This classic proves to have great taste, nice live music and good intentions. Traditional recipes combined with exclusive dishes at a good price.

Address: Pza. de la Encarnación 2 (in front of the Church of la Encarnacion). Hermigua. Tel: +34 922 880 812.


restaurant silbo hermiguaBAR-RESTAURANT EL SILBO

Classic in Hermigua nights and eating out, this restaurant has a large variety of traditional dishes with good ingredients. Check out the specialties out of menu, usually great choices. They also have nice pizzas, a good option for children.

Address: General road (GM-1), 102. Hermigua. Tel: (+34) 922 880 304.


bar faro hermiguaBAR-RESTAURANT EL FARO

A nice restaurant with a suprisingly large top terrace with loungers, tables and views to Hermigua beach. Great salads, italian specialties and daily fresh fish. We specially recommend the parmigian aubergine.

Address: Stree of Playa Santa Catalina 15, Hermigua. Tel: +34 922 880 062


terrace pedro hermiguaBAR-TERRACE PEDRO

A nice terrace where to have some "tapas" or coffee. Filled with locals in the afternoon, you can see a lot of visitors enjoying the free wifi and the breeze.

Address: General Road, 56. Hermigua. Tel: (+34) 922 880 991.


restaurant escuela aguloRESTAURANT LA VIEJA ESCUELA

Great views and great dishes and homemade desserts. Sundays closed.

Address: C/ Poeta Trujillo Armas 2, Agulo. Tel: (+34) 922 146 004.


mirador abrante restaurant gomeraABRANTE VIEWPOINT RESTAURANT

It is a new must on the visit to La Gomera. Not because of the food, but because of the impressive views it boasts. Access is through a narrow road that departs from Garajonay Visitors Center. Sirloin with palm honey sauce is the best dish on the menu. You can also go there simply to enjoy the views or some tapas.



In La Caleta beach, this open-air restaurant offers meals and dinners that combine fresh fish and a selection of local dishes.

Address: La Caleta Beach, Hermigua.




Baguette sandwiches or desserts for a nice rest in their terrace.

Address: General Road (GM-1) 139, Hermigua. Tel: (+34) 922 880 816.


bar viewpoint san juan hermiguaBAR SAN JUAN VIEWPOINT

Opened in 2015, this terrace bar has the indisputable best views of Hermigua from the top of the hill where the Hermitage of San Juan is built. The owner of the bar, Isabelita, can also boast of her excellent cooking skills. Local traditional dishes at very good price.




The only bar in El Cedro Hamlet. It is by the path from Hermigua to Contadero and Garajonay peak. Recommended: the “potaje de berros”, a local delicatessen, and the fresh cheese. Excellent views over Hermigua. It is a must for those heading to Hermigua by the footpath.



This restaurant is like the diner of a traditional gomera home, made famous by the owner "Efigenia". Fresh ingredients to make a simple "puchero" as the mandatory only course (vegetable stew) with a gomeran taste.

Address: Las Hayas s/n. Tel: +34 922 804 248.



This traditional restaurant is another classic in La Gomera. On the way to Valle Gran Rey, in the old village of Arure, you can try several menu options with local recipes such as "carne fiesta".

Address: General Road, Arure s/n, Valle Gran Rey. Tel: (+34) 922 804 110 / 629 650 889 /



A mytic restaurant with excellent views and grilled meats. In this family run restaurant you can enjoy a quiet meal in one of the best landscapes of La Gomera north.

Address: Cruz de Tierno, Las Rosas (Agulo). Tel: +34 922 880 483. Mondays closed.


tasca salamandra gomeraTASCA LA SALAMANDRA

Traditional gomeran ingredients with brand new recipes. This "tasca" inside a lovely restored house in San Sebastian city center is a must for kitchen lovers. One of our favorite restaurants, and we don't mean exclusively on La Gomera.

Address: C/ Real 16, San Sebastián de La Gomera. Tel: +34 626 223 301.



From the hotel Torre del Conde, the restaurant managed by Fabián Mora has moved closer to the ocean. The attic of the building La Marina is now a restaurant with a large terrace, great views and nice ocean breeze. It combines perfectly with Fabian Mora excellent dishes. Filling dishes in a balanced menu for every taste and with his usual high-quality standards.

Address: Building La Marina (Second Floor), Paseo Fred Olsen. San Sebastián de La Gomera. Tel: +34 922 872 439.


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