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Though the islands are very alike the rest of Spain regarding customs, timetables and prices, there are important facts to take into account.

Even in summertime, a constant sea breeze allows you to have a pleasant freshness sensation. It is important not to forget that the sun is still very strong, and therefore sun protection is a must. Along the day, and according to the areas you visit, there can be intense temperature variations. A swimsuit, light clothing, comfortable walking shoes and a sweater or jacket is the recommended attire. In your bag: cash, a map, sunglasses, extra swimsuit, towel and sun cream.

La Gomera has almost no petty theft. It is always important, though, to keep your belongings at hand. Prices are slightly higher than in other islands, though lower than in the rest of the country, for food, pharmacy products and supermarkets. Every town has at least one or two cash dispensers, usually Servired (Visa) or Red 6000 (Mastercard). Many stores admit credit/debit card, but some restaurants and bars accept cash only.

The roads signaling can be confusing sometimes. It is important to have a good roadmap. The road network is sometimes complicated to understand, and outside the villages it is quite difficult to get propper indications. Though some might seem a bit rough and not very friendly, the islanders are very kind and helpful. They will easily give indications, or even a ride. Hitchhiking is a common practice.

G3, mobile or WiFi networks are least extended than in other islands. Many areas of the National Park and the shore have no signal. Some restaurants and bars have WiFi, although you might find it a bit hard to connect. The safe option is to get to a free internet access point, available in many towns.

The extreme geography make it almost mandatory to rent a car, more economic than the taxi and suitable than the bus lines. Available companies are listed in our links section.

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