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The daughter of the founder of Los Telares, Maruca, is continuing the family tradition. She moved back with her family from Tenerife to her hometown to take over the company of Los Telares. With the help of her husband and family she has managed to raise the standard of Los Telares even higher.

Her passions: History, food, wines, trekking and nature.

Her favorite spot of La Gomera: El Cedro. As child, she spent many vacations there with her parents.

Favorite local dish: Potaje de Berros (Watercress soup): She absolutely loves the potaje they serve at La Molina in Agulo. She recommends it to everybody.

Her recommendation: Grab a taxi to go to Contadero. From there downwards you can see all the valley of El Cedro, view Hermigua from the waterfall and get back to the door of Los Telares in around 5 hours. No need to rush! Also, you can take our take-away meal to have it at the shade of the trees by the Chapel of El Cedro.



Married to Luisa, he quit is job as a musician and teacher to live in La Gomera. He has set up his drum set and marimba in the family house, and he has also managed to bring together some local musicians to play one of his favorite genres, jazz. He also helps with the maintenance department, everything has to be spotless!

His passions: Music, food, water sports and food.

His favorite spot of La Gomera: El Pescante (The Old Davit). He will be swimming in the natural pool as often as possible with his snorkel glasses.

Favorite local dish: Carne Fiesta (Marinated Fried Pork Meat): A filling and tasty dish, he loves it with fried potatoes. But apart from that, he enjoys every food there is in La Gomera. :D

His recommendation: Visit San Sebastian at least once during your stay. You can check the main streets, where you will see the Count's Tower, the Church of La Asuncion, the Casa de la Aguada and the Marine. Then you can finish the afternoon dining in one of the restaurants in town. The best are recommended in our La Gomera section.



One of the latest additions to this family-run aparthotel, Ana is Luisa's daughter. She studied Advertising, Management and Multimedia Design, and put all to good use in Apartments Los Telares. Living part-time between Madrid and La Gomera, she spent every childhood holiday running up and down Hermigua. She manages Customer Relations, Advertising and Social Media.

Her passions: Music, traveling, photography, art and architecture.

Her favorite spot of La Gomera: The mountains of Enchereda that you can view from your apartment and the swimming pool in Los Telares. They are a magnificent sight.

Favorite local dish:Grilled cheese with mojo. The gomeran goat cheese is ideal grilled, and both green and red mojo combine perfectly.

Her recommendation: Though it is far from the main routes, you should not miss going to Alojera. The landscape is stunning, the beach has few visitors and finally you can have fresh fish in the restaurant by the shore. On the way to Alojera you will see lots of Palm Trees, many of them harvested for Palm Syrup.

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