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We have been working since 1982 in rural tourism on La Gomera. We want to guide you so that this trip is not just another exotic destination, but a vital experience with the island’s nature, it’s culture and people. Our greatest joy is that you get back home with the feeling to have left in La Gomera a lasting friendship. We will be delighted to welcome you again, and committed to be the best hosts in your vacations.

In 2012 we were awarded with the Canary Islands Excelency Award, a recognition of our continuous work and adaptation to the needs of our guests.

Our company started with a small handicrafts store in Hermigua. From there we grew to what we are now, a well-established business with lodgings and a must-see point in La Gomera with our museum and store Molino de Gofio in Hermigua.

Maruca Gamez (R.I.P. 2014)Our story begins in the 70s, 40 years ago. In those years La Gomera was mainly an agricultural land, difficult and harsh for its inhabitants, who did have enough to eat but little else and meager means to improve their living. At that times our founder, Maruca Gamez, was a teacher in Hermigua. She taught reading and writing to illiterate adults, and became familiar with their situation. She was sadly aware that the logical way out for most of them was to migrate to Tenerife or Latin America, where the economy was blooming fast. Each day complete families left La Gomera not to come back.

In one of her classes, an occupational workshop, she saw the handicraft techniques and their potential as exotic souvenirs for the first visitors to the island. She fell in love with the culture and the simplicity of its produces. She bought old traditional looms and hired women to weave bags or carpets; With the knotting techniques and the local banana tree material she designed the first baskets, dolls and boxes. She also encouraged the artisans to bring her each new design, promising to buy these. In El Cercado she found a traditional aborigin pottery artisan, who was slowly forgetting her craft for lack of interest on her products by the locals.

These are the seed of what is now our museum Molino de Gofio and Handicrafts store. Regarding the touristic lodgings, she was the first in betting for an different ecologic tourism, restoring old houses for rural tourism. She was awarded, for this, the Silver Medal of The Canary Islands Government in 1989 and the International Tourism Prize in 1988.

A restless worker, she became an entrepreneur by chance, with the courage to see something that nobody else saw in La Gomera.


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